Institute of Philosophy

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Research in the Chair of Philosophy of Culture

The research focuses on broadly conceived contemporary culture analysed from the point of view of philosophy and aesthetics in relation to postmodernism emphasising the problems related to the notion of aesthetisation of culture, aesthetics of new media and aesthetics of advertisement. The aesthetics of landscape is a separate research area, with particular attention paid to British aesthetics of the eighteenth century and contemporary ecological and environmental aesthetics.

The research conducted in the Chair of Philosophy of Culture:

  • Aesthetics of the end of the late nineteenth century/early twentieth century.
  • The changes in and ways of shaping of the contemporary culture.
  • Contemporary art as an expression of human tendency vs. rationalised artistic strategies.
  • The aesthetics of contemporary times - aesthetic strategies in popular culture.
  • Myth in popular culture.
  • Aesthetics of advertisement.
  • Trans-cultural role of advertisement.
  • Philosophy of media.
  • New media viewed in the context of philosophy of culture and philosophical anthropology.
  • The forms and content of Net culture - their technological and media-related context.
  • A synthesis of media culture theory in the context of media convergence and digitalisation.
  • Philosophy of culture and aesthetics in Russia and Ukraine.