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Research in the Chair of History of Philosophy

The research focuses on nineteenth century Russian philosophy (V. Solovyov) and twentieth century Russian religious philosophy (S. Bulgakov, P. Florensky, L. Karsavin) with particular emphasis on the sophilogical considerations – the theory of Sophia the Wisdom-of-God - philosophy of all-unity, the notion of Godmanhood as well as Russian anarchism (M. Bakunin, P. Kropotkin, L. Tolstoy).

The research conducted also relates to the contemporary European philosophy including Foucault's post-structuralism (two levels of knowledge: archeological and genealogical) and the philosophy of S. de Beauvoir's existential feminism (woman as the other) and the relation of existentialism and Marxism in Sartre`s philosophy.

Another research area relates to the Polish philosophy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries emphasising messianism (A. Cieszkowski), neomessianism (W. Lutosławski) its relation to other areas of Polish philosophy, e.g. neoscholasticsm (S. Pawlicki) or the Lvov school (K. Twardowski). In terms of classical philosophers, the research focuses on Plato in the context of the reception of his works in Polish philosophy.