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Research in the Chair of Ethics

The research covers both ethics and philosophical anthropology. A number of projects deal with the history of these two areas in the context of contemporary systemic issues.

Since 01/10/2011, the Chair (as a whole) has been a part of an international research project ID 21120164 co-ordinated by the Iternational Visegrad Fund. The project entitled Professional Ethics in Biomedical Professions in V4 Is headed by prof. Vasil Gluchman – the Dean of the Philosophy Department Presov University (Slovakia).

The research covers the following subject areas related to the history of philosophy:

  • The notion of justice in Plato.
  • The notion of law in Thomas Aquinas, emphasising his ideas on natural law.
  • The dignity of man as viewed in ancient Greek and medieval philosophies.
  • Man as the creator of culture in the context of Leon Battista Alberti's philosophy.
  • Humanism of Angelo Poliziano in Reneissance philosophy.
  • The axiology and anthropology of Henryk Elzenberg.
  • Ethical ideas of Maria Ossowska.
  • Maria Ossowska' analysis of moral changes in the twentieth century Polish society.
  • Relations between ethics, anthropology and ontology in the works of Peter Singer.
  • Józef Tischner's philosophy, especially his pedagogical ideas.
  • Zygmunt Bauman's anthropological ideas.
  • Ethics in the Lvov-Warsaw school.
  • Ethical evaluation of the worldwide economic crisis.
  • The discourse of violence in contemporary bioethics.
  • Controversies and discussions within Polish philosophy after 1940s.
  • Main threads in contemporary philosophy of education.
  • Philosophical underpinnings of axiocentrism and paidocentrism
  • Philosophy of children - childhood as philosophical category

More specifically, apart from ethics philosophical anthropology, the researchers from the Chair of Ethics deal with the following areas:

  • Bioethics.
  • Ethics in medicine.
  • Ethics in journalism.
  • Ethics in entrepreneurship.
  • Philosophy of education.
  • The philosophy of law and human rights in particular.