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Phd opportunities

PhD studies

In the academic year 2013/2014 we opened a full-time PhD studies in philosophy. We encourage all to familiarise themselves with the research to be pursued within these studies. This includes the following:

Russian philosophy

Дневное обучение на польском языке в аспирантуре по философии (Гуманитарный Факультет Зеленогурского университета) в области:

- русская эмиграционная философия Серебряного века;
- русский марксизм XIX века;
- русская и польская общественная философия и историософия XIX и XX века.

Science and religion

- philosophical and methodological aspects of the relation between science and religion;
- the evolutionism-creationism controversy;
- methodology of the Intelligent Design theory;
- thermodynamic aspects of evolutionary processes.

Philosophy of science

- the status of knowledge, in particular the debate between fundamentalism and anti-fundamentalism;
- the cognitive status of scientific theories;
- levels of theoretic incommensurability in philosophy and science;
- evolutionary epistemology and the philosophy of biology: the status of the adaptive origin of cognition hypothesis, an analysis of theoretic assumptions behind neo-Darwinism.


Refutation systems are inference systems, just like traditional axiomatic systems, but they generate non-valid formulas rather than valid ones. They consist of refutation axioms (which are some non-valid formulas) and refutation rules (which are rules preserving non-validity). The following topics are considered:

- examples of syntactic refutations and a general theory of refutation systems;
- refutation systems and other standard methods (sequent systems, tableau procedures, counter-model constructions, the nite model property);
- tools and techniques for establishing syntactic completeness (characteristic formulas, normal forms, inductive completeness proofs).

Ethics and Polish philosophy

- bioethics;
- axiology;
- eco-philosophy (incl. balanced development);
- Polish philosophy in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Philosophy of culture

- aesthetics of modernity - aesthetic strategies in popular culture;
- aesthetics of advertisement;
- philosophy of culture and philosophy of media;
- philosophy of culture and aesthetics in Russia and Ukraine.